In Kronenburg Manor there are different folders:
Boho cardigans
Theme fashion: inspired by movies and series like The Mists of Avalon, Outlander, Jane Austen and Once upon a Time and historical fashion like Baroque, Renaissance, Medieval, Viking, Steampunk, Regency, folk and fantasy.
The fashion is available for Barbie and Ken dolls by Mattel, Paul doll by Habro or other teenage dolls of 11 and 11.8 inches
Fantasy furniture for gnomes, mermaids and fairies like beds, chairs, swings, tables, sofa's and more.
Fantasy winter hats for children and adults like mushroom hats, pumpkin hats and fairy hats
Fantasy armwarmers, crocheted or knitted. Also dragonscale armwarmers now!
Vincent van Gogh inspired cushions
Fantasy bookmarks in felt and leather
Felt pincushion in top hats and summer hats
Fantasy purses with a fantasy puppet in felt and fleece for girls